Mar 23

The Sound Of Falling Snow

Found a couple of interesting effects unexpectedly, and recorded this short sketch to remember. There is long FX chain here, with piano as the main sound source, but glitch and auto-looper has main role.

Mar 17

Untitled (11). 17/03/2016.

The idea is old and hackneyed, but I keep using it in almost every record, because I really like this approach. Also, making creative meditations using it could be very helpful and nice, even if it doesn’t come to finished recording.

Couple of layered loops with various improvisations on various instruments. Since they’re differ in duration and meter, with every repeat each loop is slightly moving relative to each other .

Maybe I could write a whole new album based only on this method, with more distinguishable loops and their movements. Who knows? There are only careful attempts and sketches at this moment.

Untitled track number 11 in F-sharp minor.

Dec 22

Mermaids. New album. Limited edition CD is out now.

I’m glad to announce that my new album ‘Mermaids’ is finally released at ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records. This is also my first album released on CD! 


You can buy this limited edition CD packed in linen hardcover envelope with amazing hand-painted artwork from the Bandcamp page of the label: 


This purchase includes unlimited streaming of Mermaids via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Also, as always, you can download digital copy of album for free or buy it (if you want) from my page:


I want to say thank you to Aloe and Tim Six for making and releasing this wonderful physical release on their label. Chek their releases here: 



Sep 26

Small update.

I finished my new album called ‘Mermaids’. If everything will be alright, it’s going to be released in a couple of months on ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label (http://pantheophania.bandcamp.com/). It’s also will be my first album released on CD.

Of course, after release it will be also available on my usual Bandcamp and Internet Archive pages as free (or name-your-price) digital album.

Sep 13

2nd teaser. ‘Slow currents’

Another track from the upcoming album ‘Mermaids’. This time - only synthesizer, electric guitar and drum-machine. Yes, this track has rhythm section. Last time I used it on 'Amethyst’ in 2010.

This is last teaser track from 'Mermaids’. No more music until album release.